Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bed Time.....zzzzzzz

Time to catch some zzzzz's now lovelies! Its been great posting again. Hope to see some comments ;)

Take care and will post again soon so WATCH THIS SPACE.


Check out this BLOG & SHOP!

Hey Guys,

Check out the this blog called 'Sassys Emporium' (CLICK ON ME!) 

There is some lovely stuff here and I can say its definitely worth it :) Have gotten a few things myself ;) she makes all types of thing including cards, gift tags and jewellery.


Teen angst (psst I'm not even a teen anymore) EEK!!


That's all I'm going to say....I never had a problem with all these feelings, boys etc and now that I have to stand on my own two feet it smacks me in the face from every direction!

I was homeschooled you see so never have dealt with peer pressure, relationships, blah blah blah. you get what I'm saying ;)

Who knew getting to know a guy who is so shy he won't look or talk to you would be so damn hard! lol

Arguing with girls (we can be nasty and VERY loud as I have found out) is not fun! never had this before. Opened up a whole new world of girly stuff, problems and feelings which lets face t just complicate things even more. Her feelings get hurt then your do and then before you know it you're both sobbing like 1 year olds lol

And the list goes on but I'm not going to bore you with that, just wanted to share a few new experiences lol

Growing up sure has its pros and cons....too bad you have to do it to realise them.

Any thoughts??



Hey Lovelies,

Went to Supernova this year and it was awesome!! I have always wanted to go....


1. Local comic book writer and artist

 2. Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

3. Troppers!!!! (These guys were so funny I walked past and said "Strike a pose" this is the result lol)

4. My bobble heads, from left to right, LOKI, BATMAN, THORIN and JACK SKELLINGTON

5. Thorin (The Hobbit) I squealed a little and blushed like a school girl (HUGE FAN HERE)

6. Start of my Anita Blake comic collection

7. These two books are actually the reason I went lol (anyone who touches them will feel my wrath) just saying lol

So what'd you think?? Did you like it or should I say LOVE it as much as I do? Hehehe ;) 

Send me a comment of you're fav pic and what you would've loved to have seen yourself. Of course if you'd gone yourself share your own pic! :D


I'm spreading my wings!

I've moved out of home and in doing so have moved to the other side of the country!! 

Am I loving it?? Sure am. But do I miss what I had? Sure do! Ah well things change and it'll get better with time :)

Anybody have any advice? Would love to hear it, but if you're only going to say something stupid do keep it to yourself ;) Thanks lovelies!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Still Alive & Kicking in 2014!

Happy Belated New Year Lovelies!!

Been a good long time since I've looked on here. Horrible of me I know but like everyone else life gets in the way.

Anyway just wanted to wish all those who stumble across my blog a happy, healthy and wealthy new year :)


Saturday, 10 August 2013

A New Very Very Very Short Story - A New Adventure

A/N Nobody ever really answer to my pleas for a review but maybe this time someone does? ;)

A New Adventure  
When you look up at the sky, what do you see?
Do you stories of the past, present and future in the fluffy white clouds on a warm summers day? Perhaps you see the heavens twinkling down at you on a cold winters night.
Me? I see new and unexplored worlds. These worlds all have life, new opportunities and adventures that are just waiting to be taken.  
It is said that when you are finished with this life you go to heaven or hell. It all depends what you believe in. Some scoff at the very idea of heaven and hell existing, while others love the idea of heaven and will do everything they can to avoid making a one way trip to hell.  
Personally I believe there is simply a door that I will need to open and step through in order to start my next life, on a star that is at the moment twinkling up in the night sky.  
As I stretch out on the freshly cut and dewey grass looking up at the stars, I take a moment to think about my life and I find I'm pleased with how I've lived it. There have been many smiles, tears, heartbreaks and loves but those are stories for another time.   
My gaze focuses on the stars again and I realize my time in this world has reached its end.
The last thing to cross my mind is “I wonder which star I will be on next” and with that thought I take my final breath and drift away into the darkness.  
Through the darkness I make out a door. I'm not floating or walking but somehow I make my way to it.
Taking a deep breath I twist the knob and open it, taking a step into a blinding light. Into my new adventure.  

New Exercise Vids!! YAY!!

As you know I exercise and I follow the 4-5 mile walks of Leslie Sansone however lately I felt the need for something different and stumbled across this lovely lady She offers over 130 free exercise videos and they just keep on coming!!

Youtube -

Twitter -

So if your looking for an excellent workout click on the Youtube link above and go on to follow her on twitter.


Hello my lovely visitors :)

*pokes head out of door* Hello? Hello? Anyone there?

My goodness I haven't posted in months!! How shocking!

I am still here if anybody cares lol Just been horrifically busy and this month isn't going to slow down at all.

I have my study to complete :P I have to complete this last unit in my Cert IV before the end of this month and let me tell you, it is hard work and makes you really use your brain.

My youngest brother is turning 18 and so we have a few celebrations going on too. My grandparents have just arrived and will be here till the 24th. Then on the 26th my second eldest brother flies in with his family and last but not least, on the the 30th my oldest brother flies in with his GF. 

I have planned something while they are all here but I won't say anything just in case the lil bro decides to check out the blog, so my lovelies lets keep it hush hush and I might post some pictures when its all been said and done ;)

As you can see there is a very busy month ahead for me and mine. I'm looking forward to it very much, now I just have to keep the weight of so I can fit into my outfit for the 'Occasion' hahaha :D

You all take care now and if anyone wants to share what they're up to this month post a comment below as yourself or anonymously and I'll get back to you xox


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Finally went on Twitter again

Last night I finally got back onto Twitter again after having been of for a few months and its amazing the things that I've missed!

Hard work keeping up with it all. Twitter, Blogger, Goodreads, FB, soon to be Tumblr and a few more but I cant remember lol

All good fun though :)